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Rent internet store of spare parts on the basis of TecDoc

CMS AutoX - content management system + the basis of TECDOC

Just a couple of steps to the internet store of spare parts of your dreams!

Advantages of CMS AutoX

The customer can not be satisfied simply, the client must be satisfied

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Admin panel: demo3.autoxcatalog.com/autoxadmin:
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Since you are on our site, we suspect that you were looking for internet store on the bases of TECDOC to rent, and you may be interested in the individual development of internet store on the bases of TECDOC database Tecdoc. Or do you need a non-original spare parts catalogue TecDoc for rent? Congratulations! You're here. On our website you will find all the necessary tools for a successful online business in the market of auto spare parts. What is CMS AutoX? CMS AutoX is a complete solution for the organization of Internet-shop of spare parts with a built-in database of TecDoc, Intercars, with the connected directory TecDoc for convenient and quick search. We offer you the best solution for reasonable money. Every day we're improving their CMS and give it to you, to yours and our activity has brought both financial profit and moral satisfaction from working with each other.

The cost of rent

We provide Internet-shop of spare parts for rent with right of redemption


30$ мес.
867 грн.

Аренда Интернет-магазин запчастей в аренду



26010 грн.
Рассрочка 5 месяцев

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